Life is a movement.
We breathe in,
breathe out.
We walk, sit, stand, reach,
climb, run, eat and lie down.

If we move better, with stability, ease and grace, we live better.
Exploring movement, it seems that nothing moves in isolation.

All of our movements are connected, to each other
and to the flow of the world in which we move.

We breathe in the atmosphere, take what we need,
breathe out what we don’t, leaving it different to before.

We walk on the earth, sit on stools, stand under starlight, reach for one another,
climb the walls, run along trails and lie down on the earth.

In every moment we contribute to the movement of the whole.
In every movement we have the chance to change it.

Hi there! My Name is Will Robinson, I help people reconnect with their bodies and the world around them through natural movement and nature connection practice. Through re-connecting you can open up new physical freedom and emotional stability, feel younger and more full of life than ever! if that sounds like something you want for yourself then coaching with me can get you there.

I am drawing on a wide range of influences, from traditional training in yogic, zen, taoist and shamanic practices to more modern ideas like the Feldenkrais method, open focus training, the Alexander technique and the 8 shields model. They all have so much to teach, but I have found that the real work generally happens off the beaten path. Everyone has a different story, and it’s that story that informs and shapes our current experience. We all have different cultural conditioning from our upbringing and family and we all bring our own particular shape and style of physical raw material. Everybody needs a way of relating to themselves and the world that is personal and individual.

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise, seek what they sought” – Bashō

Rigidly following any system overlays another set of conditioning on top, for me the real adventure is in pulling back the layers to find out how we really are underneath. We are all naturally gifted movers and we all have a unique inherent connection to the Earth. We all descend from ancestors of such skill they thrived through ice ages and could bring down prey many times their own size using only weapons of wood and stone! Skilful, comfortable movement isn’t something reserved for athletes or people with a particular ‘talent’ for it, we can all access innate powerful movement after years on the couch or even a crippling injury. All that’s needed is to bring awareness to the contracted habits that restrict our mind and movements so they can naturally fall away, and with it go the limiting behaviours that keep us from reaching our full potential. Once natural movement patterns are restored, learning new skills becomes quicker and easier, things that seemed out of reach before come easily!


“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.” – Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais

I know it sounds too easy, it takes time and focus, but that’s all… The freedom I’ve gained from following this process has been the greatest joy and I can’t wait to share that with you!