If you really want to dive deep into exploring the way you move and the way you interact with the world around you, then I offer one to one coaching to really help you with the journey.

Maybe you want help to move past a recurring old injury, maybe you have reached a plateau in your training or other practice and are looking to branch out and discover new ways to use your mind and body, maybe you want to take your training outside and get the most out of your time in the wider world, or maybe you just want to live your day to day life with more ease and grace.

“I’ve been exploring Hatha and Scaravelli inspired yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and embodiment in different ways for many years, but a single session with Will goes deeper, slower and opens up new levels of experience and awareness than I knew possible.  I’ve found every session to be calming, grounding, engaging and abundant in insights while releasing tension and enjoyable all at the same time. “

Emma Brice, East Devon

No matter your reasons or goals I can draw on a wide range of methods and experience to find a path that really gets you wanting to move. I can tailor the sessions to you so that learning to move better isn’t something you feel you should  be doing, but instead is something that has you jumping out of bed before the alarm so you can squeeze a bit more practice into the morning.


Contact me now to arrange a free consultation to talk about how you can get the most out of natural movement coaching. If you live in or around East Devon we can meet in person, if not then coaching online can be just as valuable!

“I’ve been working with Will Robinson for several months now and am really happy with his guidance and my progress. I suffer from quite a lot of neck and shoulder tension which causes serious headaches, plus I also have an issue with my hips/pelvis which I’ve had since birth and gives me lower back pain and stiffness. Will has shown me how to work with much greater awareness of my body, to tune into the areas which are tense or limited and to gradually use stretches and movements to unlock those areas. The activities and movements he has shown me are really simple and he has a lovely warm and gentle teaching style. I always feel supported and understood. His is not a ‘cut and paste’ approach, but one which is tailored to my individual needs – and even more importantly, supports me to understand and work with my own body with more understanding. I have found myself really wanting to spend a few minutes each day, on waking or after a stint at the computer, doing the stretches I have learned from Will, because my body feels so much more relaxed and comfortable afterward. This is quite a change from the resistance I used to feel. Best of all I can feel my body getting more flexible and my headaches have significantly decreased. Thanks Will! “

Deborah Benham, Devon UK, 2020
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